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Coalition sends BOS findings on AT&T Short Hill proposal

The Short Hill Committee of the Loudoun County Preservation and Conservation Coalition on June 20 sent forward a memorandum to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors urging the overrule of the Planning Commission’s approval of the Commission Permit to allow AT&T to build a 35-foot-tall, 160,000-square-foot structure on the ridge of the Short Hill Mountain. (See the memorandum here.) Al Van Huyck, Chair of the Committee and Coalition, commended AT&T for suspending its application, but went on to say, “regardless, Read More →

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Rural Roads

The Rural Roads Committee has worked for the past two years to successfully increase the repair and maintenance priority of unpaved rural roads through state legislation and consultation with VDOT.

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Rural Bridges

The Coalition is working with VDOT to preserve historic bridges and where major repair or replacement is required ensure that the work is compatible with their rural setting. Bridges under watch include…


Conservation Easements

The Conservation Easement Committee has worked closely with Loudoun County staff to institute a stewardship program for county-held conservation easements. This work continues with new initiative.

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Watershed Management and Flood Plain Protection

The Watershed Management Committee is working to support the implementation of the recommendations for the Watershed Implementation Program (WIP) and preservation of sound flood plain regulation. Priorities for 2015 will include…

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Environmental Issues

The Coalition successfully supported the adoption of the Limestone Overlay District ordinance. The Coalition monitors development applications to ensure the environmental issues are considered including tree save and animal and bird habitat. Current issues include…


Heritage Preservation

The Coalition was instrumental in creating the Loudoun County Heritage Plan and the Heritage Commission and the preservation of the Phase 1 Archeological Survey. And responds to threats to individual buildings or sites of importance. Current issues include….

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